Bud Hyrczyk with his button boxBud Hyrczyk grew up in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Much of his childhood was spent listening to Slovenian-style music played on the button box by his grandfather and uncles. Additionally he was exposed to many other forms of music by his mother who played piano and loved to sing.

He received his first accordion at the age of 11 and studied the standards along with classical and semi-classical music for several years. He then started playing in various bands at the age of 13 and finally formed a family band at the age of 21. The band was called Bud Hyrczyk and The Sounds of Time.

He began playing the button box when he started the family band, and he never went back to playing the piano accordion again. When it comes to Slovenian polkas and waltzes he feels that the button box is nearly an extension of the human voice. It allows you to better express yourself in this genre of music.

He released his first button box album in 1983, called Buttons Buttons Buttons (long since sold out) and also became the director of the Yukon Button Box Club. The button box cub entertained both nationally and internationally.

Unfortunately, Bud stopped playing in 1986 and didn’t pick up the button box again for nearly 25 years until March of 2010. He immediately started composing new songs and recording them at his home studio, playing all of the parts himself. Later that same year in November 2010, Bud released his first recording since 1983, called Fly Away With Me.

During the first half of 2011 Bud worked with HG Studio in Wisconsin to produce If You Only BELIEVE. The recording was released in June, 2011 and features 17 brand new, original, polkas and waltzes. This time, like with his 1983 release, Bud was backed by a Cleveland-style, all-star band. The CD has become a must-have for the collection of any fans of Slovenian-style, button box music and was named as the second most popular Slovenian-style recording out of 18 CDs released in 2011 in the 24/7 PolkaHeaven "Best of 2011" awards.

During late 2011 and the first few months of 2012 Bud was busy working on his newest release, Dapper Dan The Polka Man. This latest CD was released in April 2012 and includes more of the same type of great Cleveland-style, instrumental originals that helped to make If You Only BELIEVE such a hit, plus this time around Bud includes a couple of vocal originals, along with several European-style/Oberkrainer sections that you will be sure to enjoy. Don Hunjadi and Eric Noltkamper, who both performed on If You Only BELIEVE, return to help Bud out on Dapper Dan The Polka Man along with Rick Hartmann on drums and Michael Kramar playing baritone horn on the three Oberkrainer tunes. While just as great as If You Only BELIEVE, this latest release is noticeably different, exploring new musical areas and including five previously released polka and waltz favorites to help compliment Bud's 13 latest originals.

Songs from Bud Hyrczyk's album Dapper Dan the Polka Man have been included in two movies. Dig Two Graves, starring Ted Levine (star of Silence of the Lambs, Monk, Shutter Island and, American Gangster) and Samantha Isler, star of Sean Saves the World, premiered at the New Orleans Film Festival in October 2014. The other film, 1/1, was released in 2015. It stars Lindsey Shaw, featured in Pretty Little Liars, Judd Nelson featured in The Breakfast Club and Dendrie Taylor featured in The Fighter. Look for them and the Music from Dapper Dan the Polka Man in  and On-Demand!

Bud has continued to write original music on the button box and released his final CD, Livin' The Dream, an extended length CD, in October, 2014. The same musicians from past recordings, including Don Hunjadi, Eric Noltkamper, and Rick Hartmann all returned to join Bud on Livin' The Dream. Containing 26 songs with over 75 minutes of music, it's a real treasure for button box fans! The release was named the number one favorite in the Slovenian-style category by 24/7 Polka Heaven in their April, 2015 awards. You can purchase Livin' The Dream along with any of Bud's previous CD releases right now using any major credit card.

Bud had plans to release more CDs that would include more original material from his more than 100 compositions. Unfortunately, Bud fell il in the summer of 2016 and unexpectedly passed away at the age of 67 on July 22, 2016. While Bud's studio tracks for some of these songs remain, it is unknown if the family will release them in the future. Bud's last three recordings remain available for purchase from Polka Connection. Both Bud and his music will be sorely missed by the many friends and fans who loved his music.

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